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Dummies Guide to exposing NAMA March 30, 2010

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This is how the gov / NAMA scam project is working.

We need to go back in time to 1999……………………….

1. Celtic Tiger up and running restoring Irelands credibility worldwide and the future looking bright for everyone.

2. The gov joins the Euro and the floodgates open for access into the international money markets.

3. The crony networks in behind the scenes in Ireland come to the fore and cannot resist the opportunity the money lending floodgates been opened offer.

4. The ‘insider’ crony networks running the centers of power begin to put the new found prosperity and new found credibility to work taking advantage of the new Euro project Ireland has signed up to.

5. Overtime it becomes clear to the ‘insider’ crony networks that a property boom on the back of the success of the celtic tiger and the joining in of the Euro may have great potential to milk.

6. The insider crony networks begin the property bubble POnzi scam in the words of Lenihan ‘the banks played fast and loose with the regulatory system’ and slowly begin to inflate a PONZI property bubble under the guise it is merely all part of the new celtic economy.

7. Very quickly the orchestrated Ponzi property bubble scam starts to heat up with Anglo leading the charge and the regulator prepared to turn a blind eye and the gov prepared to play along for political cronyism purposes.

8. Meanwhile a landholding section of the country start to join in on the ever escalating property prices going sky wards and buy in to a make a fast buck on the back of the property bubble.

9. Meanwhile over at the banks, the banks start to buy in themselves and a narrow select band of POnzi property bubble bandits and bankster scammers and god knows who else meld into a cartel of interests all encircling the levers of the banks pumping out credit and channeling it into joseph stalin type development projects.

10. Meanwhile the meeja, RTE, Irish times and Sunday Business Post are on their marks fanning the POnzi epidemic now gripping a large swathe of the landholders of Ireland spearheaded at the top by the Dennis the menace cartel with hand on the banking levers of credit.

11. The Ponzi property bubble gets bigger and bigger and the saner members of the community look on in utter horror and disgust at the rabid greed tearing the celtic tiger to pieces and making a consumer culture reign supreme in Ireland.

12. Meanwhile the banks and the cartels hooked on the rabid avarice now activated go NUTS on the money lending markets using accountancy tricks and the like to crossover the banks into a new type of banking a mutated form called ‘fictional reserve banking’……………..

13. The bubble then BURSTS and everyone runs for cover who are guilty.

14. The facts start to emerge on the Property bubble SCMARAMA and the perpetrators run for the hills.

15. The Gov come out and declare that joe public will have to pay for the banks and cartels hole in their book keeping cos Ireland has an international reputation to keep.

16. NAMA gets rolled out…………………… and as they say the rest is history.



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