Economy Rigging 1

The Anglo / FF STING April 1, 2010

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  1. And this is a hypothetical before anyone goes off on one on me.

    What if the following is taking place…..

    Keep in mind the movie “THE STING”.

    Seanie is the ROBERT REDFORD / PAUL NEWMAN character.

    FF fundamentalists are the ROBERT SHAW character.

    THey are all chancers and spivs and scammers, but, like in the STING some players possess more honor over the other crooks and knaves and thieves.

    So, Seanie carries from childhood a long enduring contempt for the rotten culture of political cronyism holding its power over Ireland.

    One day fate has its day and knocks on his door and he gets ANGLO and he see’s that through ANGLO he can run a horse and carriages through the festering rotten political cronyism holding sway over Irish life.

    All he has to do is turn ANGLO into a POnzi property bubble machine inflater and let it loose.

    Which he decides to do.

    The political cronyism jumps on board for the riches and the ride misthinking whats actually going on, misthinking that seanie is one of them.

    The markets get wind of seanies POnzi scam and short ANGLO and trigger the meltdown through irish banks.

    THe political crony cartel / robert shaw has bet everything on the ANGLO race horse and now suddenly the reality hits home they’ve been set up.

    They quickly rush in with the hair brained scheme of total guarantee cos its the only plan that’ll buy them time to try and undo the STING seanies carried out on them

    The quickly move in with NAMA trying to undo the damage the ANGLO Seanie sting con has unleashed, which is exactly what seanie determined they would do and by rushing in with blanket guarantee and NAMA madness and the rest of it the political crony cartel destroy all its credibility and expose themselves for how far they are all willing to go to save their own skin and so thereby once and for all liquidating their hold on the citizens minds and turning themselves into a bunch of looking spivs and chancers for everyone to see from granny down to charlie.

    Seanies has his way and the rot in Ireland is expose for all to see, at home, and internationally. THe rotten edifice hiding behind the lerprechaun smile and twinkle eye, finally, undone.


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