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Funny money and virtual money April 2, 2010

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anonymous:  “its not just paper money. Most of the money in circulation doesn’t exist except as a collection of electrons inhabiting wires and machine all around the world. They occasionally see the light of day when they appear on a computer screen somewhere. people used to work for an honest day’s pay, and got it in cash. Now they work for credit in their bank statement and pay most of their bills with cards or direct debits. The barber and the pubs are the only places they get to flash the folding stuff. Coins are just things that make holes in your pockets and preserve the illusion that there’s real money behind all this.
There isn’t, so I don’t know why everybody is so hung up about some totally hypothetical reality that our grandchildren will have to deal with.”

My comment:  If I may, I will offer a potential explanation on the irrationalism, I see inner struggling with trying to come to grips with a dense subject matter.

The irrationalism is down to the ‘lack of information’ on the real story on the ground with the ANGLO / FF / ECB / central banking mechanics in motion and you’ve gone some way there in shedding light on it.


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