Economy Rigging 1

NAMA Scamarama bonds April 2, 2010

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This article at this link is a great read. Here is a sample,

‘THE taxpayer need not repay the €50bn in bonds NAMA will issue to take over bank property loans, because the banks will be happy to keep them for ever,.’

Lets look at this sentence.

I tell you what I will place you a wager.

I bet you the following, the banks will run to the ECB the day after they receive the bonds for the toxic trash the banks are passing over to the taxpayers domain.

And, it is the passing over of the toxic trash made by greedy banksters and corny networks and dodgy accounting which i suspect has invoked such ire and remonstrating.

and do not forget it is the banking system and the regulator who the responsibility falls on for the toxic trash been there in the first place.

They practiced their trade resulting in the toxic mess.

Banking is a service like electricity and ESB are not providing the electricity electrocuting customers with shoddy business practices. If they happened to do so they would be quickly shut down and thrown in jail.


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