Economy Rigging 1

Paper and ink April 4, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — bashstreetkidjailbreak @ 8:53 pm

Just because an individual is in the PONZI banking system constructed pyramid determines zero’s regarding nefarious activity to any degree or ones accomplice ar accessory to the crime / POnzi Con.

One can be jailed into the pyramid against ones will.

One can only but use the medium of exchange made available.

My local butchers will not accept a stool I made the other day for a leg of lamb so I am compelled to use a 10 euro note unfortunately and it does not equate with me providing some sort of complicity in robbing and stealing and pillaging culture or system.

So, again, one is not complicit or responsible in any shape form or fashion for the rabid greed and avarice unleashed in this country over the last 15 years by using the bent systems medium of exchange.

One can stand for something else in ones life and it is certainly possible to defy the mediocrity going on here over the years when it is summed up by the following bull crap ‘ah sure we are all in it together.’



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