Economy Rigging 1

Follow the NAMA ECB money April 8, 2010

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Can I offer an alternate angle on the running up of the NAMA funding debt.

The debts been run up are on the basis on which for the Irish Gov working in laison with the banks to arrange a cash bonanza from the ECB.

The debt is merely a convolution to secure an xtra 55 billion in cash printed up for the private banks of Ireland.

This debt mechanism is part and parcel of the central banking system in which we operate and all monies in the system originate through the creation of a debt in the bank.

My point is that the creation of a new debt for 55 billion is merely a continuation as before as with all continuing with the age old way of entering more cashflow into the economy through the creation of debt.

And it is this were attention is more vital to be fixed upon because it is all about who is in the loop on the creation of debt to such a scale here in the inner sanctum is whats the central concern.

The financial irrigation of the printed off billions is the concern.

The debt is a fore gone conclusion.

Lets follow the freshly printed money on the back of our state bond issuance use the ‘insiders’ have conspired to access and use to re liquidate themselves in behind the scenes.


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