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Seeking Anglo NAMA Info April 9, 2010

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Request a complete account of the bonds of senior and subordinated bondholders as well as legalities attached to the bonds along with a complete account of all Anglo liabilities now borne by taxpayers.

Furthermore, under the Freedom of Information Act, I would like a complete audit/disclosure of all valuations completed thus far having regard to the assets being transfered over to NAMA from Anglo Irish Bank and other banks included in the NAMA process.

In the event of this information not forthcoming, request a complete
determination of the constitutional and legal framework that supports such non disclosure of information and have this information made available to me.

In particular,  request complete disclosure of the legislative and legal framework that allows the State to withhold such information from its citizens.

In particular,  request information on whether it is possible to mount a legal challenge to any rights the state has accorded for itself in the above.

Transparency, openness and accountability for the State’s decisions in the above regard has not been forthcoming with regard to the State’s obligation to serve its citizens and it is on these grounds that this complaint and request for information under the Freedom of Information Act rests.


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