Economy Rigging 1

More on Maples April 13, 2010

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1. Merrill Lynch were advisers to Dept Finance on the night of Sept 30.

2. In July 2009 Source UK, was launched on the Iseq. It is a joint venture between Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Merrll Lynch, a physical Gold exchange commodity platform on the Iseq. Maples & Calder were the legal advisers.

So, Maples and Calder were legal advisers to Merrill Lynch and  connected Nollaig Murphy to Maples and to Anglo. So now we have Maples, Merrill, Anglo and DoF in bed together on night of night of Sept 30 2008, so what makes Anglo untouchable?

Apparently, head of ECB Jean Claude Trichet was furious the US let Lehmans fail and didn’t want any Irish bank to fail, if so, why? Especially since its now present and future ECB policy to wind down rogue banks, plus Schauble and Merkel were not consulted by Lenin on the banking Guarantee?


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