Economy Rigging 1

Exchange systems and Economy part II April 16, 2010

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Bash street jail break adds

Exchange systems, particularly between humans on a micro level in conducting of business and in particular exchange systems in relation to one on one inter relations in basic human contact is where the jailors who run the market system in a rigged fashion begin their sabotage and piracy.

I do agree too the dynamic systems of planet earth are inherent self re generational systems and operating according to hidden laws according to the models of both closed and open systems.

I do also agree the intelligensia are lopsided on open systems to the banishment of closed systems and it is purely politically motivated.

Academically speaking for an individual to have to take into consideration a cosmic balance between both closed and open systems in a dance of communication working both in conjunction with each other and spontaneously bursting forth and imploding as systems and breaking with the harmony is to much of a headache for most intelligensia and subsequently ignored to the peril of an understanding of ecosystems and econ systems and so it is why others have had to come along and fill in the massive intelligence gap these paid and hired hands choose to edit according to their own pettiness of vanities.


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