Economy Rigging 1

Max keiser Press TV updates 17/04/10 April 18, 2010

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Max keiser show on Press TV covered ‘NATION’ mag article on wealth distribution and its gap. Covered the ‘rent seeking’ principle on which the plutocrats are stealing the wealth of the system and how it is the wealth finds its way to the richest .01 percent.

Prices determines policy MAx commented on and how it is majority of people only own .5 percent of shares and bonds in the system and how it is the top engineered a way to pass on the risk to the masses. How it is the top 1 percent alone owns 50 percent of shares bonds etc. Transferring the risk from their balance sheet onto the taxpayers is the means through which they’ve managed to carry this off.

Markets totally manipulated and market rigging and abolishing price discovery another mention by Max.

Max then moved onto interview with Alex Jones the ‘media maverick’ and his predictions for the near future with Pentagon – banker (jailor system) false flag operations.

This interviewed covered Alex talking on the next move to rob peoples pension funds and wrecking economies so the top can accede more control. A mad max type collapse underway.

Also, release of Invisible Empire feature on shadow corporate government (jailor system) in control through a matrix like grid of disinformation and make believe.

Alot to ponder and mull…..!!


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