Economy Rigging 1


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New Article from DMcW’s from Sundays Business Post and he provides another peeling of the misinformation away to reveal the underlying narrative playing itself out in the bowels of the engine room in the EU.

And what does David report on. Well the drama unfolding seem s to be all about how it has come to pass that all those debts in the outer rim of the EU are hatching turkey economies the big boy banks of France and Germany did not seem to predict when they hose piped the surplus german and french savers savings at the PIIGS in the noughties.

David writes, with tongue in cheek it could be said, that the controlling interests, the transnational bankocracy are wheeling out the money printing presses from the back of the ECB shed and counterfeiting the euro to bail out the big banks for seriously irresponsible predatory bad banking.

Is this what the Euro was all about, an excuse to play monopoly and cheat and pilfer the wealth from the future.

Memo to ECB: print money | David McWilliams


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