Economy Rigging 1

BSK DAILY LOG IN May 19, 2010

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I would look at it as more a case of re routing the cash as opposed to it been flushed down the toilet.

The cash is still out there in the ‘insiders’ econ system or flowing back into the ‘outsiders’ econ system one way or the other.

The problem is the cash itself been weaponised as a medium of exchange as diverting the value of labour away from the personage unfairly.


Agree with you there! It’s been touted the economy is being saved for the taxpayer, or the money will yield a return even a profit for taxpayers.

That this is good husbandry of the economy based on what’s best for all. Not at all, this is Rubbish, its been siphoned off taxpayers through so called austerity measures, higher taxes right back into the pockets of bankers and croney insiders, those who drove the economy into the property meltdown wall.

Meanwhile the scam continues while taxpayers are groomed by a tutelage propaganda emanating from Pravda RTE and FF flag wavers in the media.

Lets face it, the croney insiders have sold Irish taxpayers a pig in a poke. They’ve turned our sovereignty upside down, we’re now a vassal state sold into perpetual servitude to their croney bondholders.

Through salaries, pensions, croneyism, political appointments, anti competitive or disaster deals such those done by DDDA or quangos such as DAA anti O Leary deals, insiders get their percentage off the top.

On the positive side, the Emperor has no clothes on. When push comes to shove, the house of cards will fall down.

There should be possibilities then of renewal and rebuilding to improve on if not replace crap that’s led us into this.


-USA gained the power to issue the ‘reserve currency’ of the world, in 1971, replacing Bretton . A seemingly endless credit making system

-Society needs a ‘sovereign monetary system’ NOT a ‘private debt money system.



The paper money fraud only holds its currency if enough people buy into its illusion.

The ‘insider class’ propagate the paper money is wealth.

They use the media and education system and church and community to mind program this hogwash.

The sheeple once mind fu$ed into perceiving paper money as wealth then enter themselves into the labour pool where the value of their labour is stolen from them through them been rewarded for their labours with a counterfeit paper money fraud.

RTE TV3 BBC ALL papers, everything in the mainstream is a paper money fraud brainwashing machine on the sheeple.

The media prop up the paper money illusion by using scare tactics day in day out to scare the flock and hook them onto what they call a ‘worry matrix’.

The worry matrix is the garner of confidence from the sheeple into the paper money scam and so they do not question offering their labours for the counterfeit paper money private banking scam.


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