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BSK daily log June 12, 2010

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Informative blog article by Will Self on the ‘nature of evil’.

Some interesting observations he make’s are……

‘We are all born with this lust for annihilation, just as we are all born with an equal and countervailing drive towards going forth, checking out some nice tourist destinations and fruitfully multiplying. If I understand Eagleton rightly, evil arises not simply when individuals deviate from the good (this is mere wickedness) but when they try to cope with their own overpowering fear of death, pain and destruction by wreaking it on others.’


‘Eagleton, of course, has to account for the great charnel house of the 20th century — its mass murders and genocides. On the face of it, this is where the commonsensical view that there is a line to be drawn between the merely bad and the downright demonic should favour the existence of Christian evil. Certainly Eagleton’s version of it allows for a distinction to be drawn between individuals who were carried away or coerced into abetting genocides and those who instigated and even gloried in them. But I’m not sure that he makes his case; he wants the Holocaust to be qualitatively different from all other mass murders, and so judges that it was almost uniquely purposeless — or, rather, was a collective enactment of the evil individual’s insatiable lust for autonomy.’……/ more » Blog Archive » On Evil by Terry Eagleton



I’m just not convinced that logic is a necessary component of the political scene, which is more akin to religion than science.
People who make successful politicians necessarily have an overweening sense of self-importance. Think of Thatcher, Bush, Blair, Brown, or Cowen. Their entire existence depends upon the belief that they are The Chosen One, not by the contemptible reprobate electorate but by the Almighty himself. Therefore opinion polls count for nothing. The only thing that matters is what occurs to them in the still of the evening, kneeling in solitude in front of a mirror, uttering the prayer:

“All those other bastards in the cabinet must have a character flaw, otherwise they would be Taoiseach. I must be the best that God could find in Ireland, and since He believes in me for my 5 year term, I cannot let Him down. The opinions of others don’t matter a hoot. I’m the boss and even my mistakes are just part of God’s ‘Grand Plan for the Irish People’. If some have to emigrate, it must be because the Almighty needs their talents elsewhere. I always have taken the best advice, but in the end, I must decide, because I sit enthroned, not in the Oireachtas at the will of the people, but as ‘The Chosen One’ on the left hand of God.”
” Amen”


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