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BSK daily log June 15, 2010

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Excellent piece here on the backstory relating to BP’s oil rig which exploded. The division of authority and responsibility across the globe through the most interesting geographical locations including Rep of Marshall Island s and South Korea and Switzerland.

Foreign flagging of offshore rigs skirts some U.S. safety rules –



I love the article and reason why, is because, I see in it the advocacy for *credit provision* and *money creation* as *utility*.

Everything got lost when the utility of credit and money creation became weaponized and taken over by a gang of thugs and sleveens for their own special interests and agenda beyond the *common good*.

The article provides a simple straight forward reminder on a *credit / banking how to guide* for the community to access and use to build real capital and pursue wealth generation with common good beneficence.

The values of our culture we all share are so *lost* and *adrift* and *amorphous* and *interchangeable* it is clear our culture and way of living is not under the rule of law equal for all citizens.

We are living in a *social order* of a type which is been organized by coercion and propaganda and violence and abuse of power in such rapidness using technology that it requires pin point accurate diagnosis and counter intelligent truth refraction of a type this article spread the word on today.

Looking back is the way forward | David McWilliams


BY: Lyndon LaRouche

Interesting analysis by LaRouche on ‘economy foundations’ in infrastrucuture.

LPAC Weekly Report: LaRouche Offers a Vision for the Post-Obama Era, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (Jun. 5, 2010)


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