Economy Rigging 1

BSK daily log June 17, 2010

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On the ‘credit provision’ model and fix it and all else will follow is I believe what will happen.

If Credit is provided in its tool function / as a utility, if its is provided along these lines I believe everything else will ‘right’ itself.

If one looks at it in reverse and see’s that providing credit in a way which determines it as an opportunity to profiteer off, is suicide.


Look, if we had a right recession, allowing Anglo to go down the drain, and not going on with the NAMA nonsense, then we could say that we would get a renaissance. If the cliques were left to deal with the consequences of failure and not bailed out, then new generation would take over and there would be an improvement. But there is no rebirth as long as you are bailing out the culture of gombeenism. The Lord Mayor is selling himself to gombeens as somebody who can turn back on the spending, without asking for either reform or allowing the cronyism to meet it’s deservings. Sounds like a “safe pair of hands” type politician. Exactly the type that lobbyist organizations IBEC would want to say deciding state policy.


Accurate observation on the superstructure sporting up on occupying the hubs of power circuited into the central banking system money making.


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