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Abiotic Oil June 18, 2010

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BP Oil rig in Gulf maybe drilling for Abiotic Oil. Strata Oil from magma requiring super deep drilling.

Abiotic Oil — Reserves Replenished by Process in Earth’s Mantle?



‘engineers becoming burger flippers and then landlords/’ idea comes down to the incentive driving the person forward. I know engineers who are redundant but stick to business as an activity in wealth creation.

Yes we have high numbers of people in business chasing a ‘buck’ but I hold the view if credit provision saw its elemental reality in full flow and in use as a ‘utility’ slowly gradually business activity would return to utilitarian center and see a transactional culture blooming in wealth creation and flow of ideas moving fluidly in the right direction enhancing the community sense of well being and prosperity for everyone and buliding a community of tactile living guided by an incentive to do business in pursuit of wealth creation first and profit following through on its own steam generated from the basics of business practice and free market principles been adhered to.



‘It added Anglo was told by Irish Life and Permanent it had held discussions with ‘senior/middle management’ at the Financial Regulator and Central Bank about ‘being facilitated and facilitating transactions’ to ensure market confidence in the shape of the balance sheets of both Irish Life & Permanent and Anglo Irish Bank.’

RTÉ News: Anglo believed €7.45bn loans had approval


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