Economy Rigging 1

BSK daily log June 20, 2010

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Everything you need to know about the internet | Technology | The Observer



“While economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources, the online world is distinguished by abundance.”

The thing we’re beginning to realise with technological progress is that resources are in fact not scarce but abundant – it’s our outdated economic system which makes them necessarily scarce by design, thereby producing poverty, war, crime, and actually the vast majority of social problems. Until we start to redesign our economic system into one which replicates the system of abundance of the online world, these social problems will never go away. The internet is one of the technologies that will unleash us from our outdated and sick traditions and problems.

A resource based economy does exactly that, and we need to start talking about it before it’s too late. Mr Naughton, your article was so in touch and free thinking I suggest you write about it, it will blow your mind.


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