Economy Rigging 1

BSK Jail break serfdom log – 14/07/2010 July 14, 2010

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The hoopla by Western world governments that we have turn a corner are absolute spoofery .The so called developed nations in this world are so indebted it’s frightening .We started with a banking crisis ,now we have a sovereign debt crisis .The Government bailed out the banks ,then the banks bailed out the government buying their bonds ,its absolutely hilarious one bankrupt outfit bailing out the other and now we have the ECB printing billions in useless Euros.

We may Have deflation now but when this money starts to filter through we will see inflation ,raised interest rates ,lower wages and stagnation in pay .This will happen and when it does Ireland may think it’s hard now ,the world of pain is going to be terrible for ordinary working people.

What gives any government a right to sell it’s people and generations into bondage, serfdom, slavery using government bonds.

They have no right and I hope the young people of this country that go into to politics repudiate the debt that these parasites have created and allow the people of this country to enjoy freedom and happiness again.


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