Economy Rigging 1

BSK log, 01.11.10 November 1, 2010

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Another layer of the insiders financial ‘POnzi scheming onion’ is now quite thoroughly peeled away.

Quite extraordinary all of this. And how remarkable are the revelations one after the next after the next after the next.

Those who believed Irish society and the economy and its organizing is carried out in accordance with free market principles ought to be reevaluating.

Those who reckoned on Irish parliamentary democracy holding the line on constitutional values regarding banking as a utility to provide prosperity for all of IRelands citizens into future and a fair allocation of the riches in accordance with free enterprise and rule of law equal for all ought to reflect again on what the hell is going on here?!

YEAR 2000 ushered in EURO and a CELTIC TIGER economy. A very large cake.

It ensured common wealth for all of Irelands citizens never before dreamt on.

And what happened, what did we get, we got a mega POnzi property pyramid scam. Engineered and managed and organized and put in to motion by a crony network of interests across the spectrum of oiks who were situated closest to the property market operational hubs.

And then we go the meeja and newspapers selling the pyramid scam down the pyramid to the average citizen and the celtic tiger economy went south and the pyramid scheme imploded and the debris is now all over the shop and the insiders are now batting down the hatches and securing their future income streams / future POnzi schemes ready to be re-inflated.

This is the Ireland we are all living in now.

A post POnzi property bubble economy whereupon the insiders carry out a rearguard action to ensure their feudal money out of thin air banking system which motors along the property bubbles is kept in place.

This is why the banks are still here. This is why the banks are maintained and preserved. Because they are the future makers of more property bubble pryramid schemes.

The banks are the insiders death stars.


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