Economy Rigging 1

BSK log, 13.11.10 November 13, 2010

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So, new feature here.

I am going to blog some of my own thoughts on issues relevant over the forseeable future period.

First. The econ system in operation.

Debt money central banking system to which I thank BoE 1694 for, this system, considered to be the most effective in getting the job of business done, under the prevalent circumstances humanity finds itself in presently, all told, is!

That said I issue my observational comment with a one or two caveats:

~ The private CBanking system is open to abuse and mis-manangement. Degree to which it can become dysfunctional dependable on number of factors, factors to which this blog has covered over the last 12 months.

~The dysfunctionality the CB econ system is susceptible too is of a type which is wide open to shifts in technological innovation coming on stream into the market place.

~ The prevalent circumstances are deeply in flux and can take a quantum leap at any given moment in time thereby precipitating a reconfiguration of the CB econ system.

~ The debt money / CB system is a complex system and can collapse over night and by its very nature is merely a stop gap measure holding in place the allocation of production of wealth. Till the free enterprise free market operational framework comes into full view we are left with nothing better.

~  The ultimate economic system is a free enterprise free market system, untethered by government and kept in a form of balance by a free flowing functionality of the *invisible hand*.

Such a system with its prerequisite inherent dynamics requires an operational framework of a type which presently remains seemingly so, suspended in animation.

Briefly on this point.

This systems failure I’ve drawn attention to here maybe decided upon to be found in the area of human relations. Specifically in the area of gender co-operation and its contingent mutually supportive exigencies.

More to come………………../ Collecting Intelligence Jailbreak


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