Economy Rigging 1


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I commenting my initial thoughts on what I see relating to the sell out to IMF and what it means for the future for Ireland.

#The IMF entry into Ireland is an inside job to seize the natural and organic resources of Ireland.

#The bond / capital markets the gun boat sent up the Liffey to seize control from the traitor enemies of the State.

#The bond / money / capital markets ~ corporate capitalism run the IMF run the ECB run the private banks they are now saving.

#The bond markets are the arm of the body of IMF and EU.

#The bond markets are a pool of capital owned by the elites eyeing up Ireland s natural and organic resources.

#MF / EU what is their service collateralized by ? ~ Is it the OIL n GAS off Irelands coastline ?

Here is a link to set the ball rolling on this : Is NAMA a gamble on Irish oil and gas? | OneWorldScam

Always important to keep in mind the hiding nature of Ireland insider / enemies of the Irish State in their collaboration techniques in making the deals for IMF to get involved here and pave the way for the transfer of Irelands land and sea mineral wealth transferred into private capital ownership ; progressive-economy@tasc: The IMF: Bringing in more transparency? and Stability of Europe Threatened by Ireland Financial Crisis


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