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This story on Ireland and IMF and banking crisis seems to be not getting the full disclosure of the facts on a continual basis unrelentingly so. This would under any conditions raise uneasiness in any rational thinking citizen. Thus questions that seem to me to be central remain unanswered by the main stream media going forward. So, as it is the duty of every citizen to keep a vigilant watch on the controlling powers of the State I’ve followed through on this contract with the constitutional democratic republic I am a citizen of and in an attempt to answer these questions I’ve so far deduced the following.

It is very clear now that the Irish banks and regulatory agencies in Ireland failed. The banks are bankrupt and the reasons are now released into the public and all its destructive consequences underway.

A vital question still remains unanswered regarding the origin of the funds the Irish banks accessed to unleash their crazy predatory lending. These funds were accessed on what is known as the interbank lending markets. The funds borrowed by Irish banks here are what the banks used to inflate a property pyramid bubble.

The numbers are vast and the funds now owed by the Irish banks are massive.

Who loaned these funds to the Irish banks? Take a look at this very interesting exchange between myself and another, a well resourced individual :

My tweets below,

#Any idea gentlemen why the German banks knowingly flooded the Irish banks with money and credit?

#So German banks now pay the cost for their irresponsible lending to Irish banks, correct guys right?

#The German / european banks did flood irish banks and not know the consequences.

#Ireland s banks have been duped into a *honey trap* of some type

#Irish banks are also too blame for grabbing the free credit / money but the drug pusher is to blame more.

#All fingers of blame at Irish banks. What about German loan sharks driving fools into trouble?

#Who are the IMF / ECB working for? On whose behalf are these agencies operating for?

#So our so called *euro partners* are in reality screwing our economy then?

#All smacks of reinvention for moneyed elites playing their whacked out board game with ppl’s lives ??

#Thats one side of it I agree with, but, strange that the euro / german lenders who created mess remain unpunished?

#Yes it is. But it cannot be happening by accident. Its been engineered in some way? I for one want to know, WHO?

#Yes it is and so raises the question as to what *is* actually going on here with al of this??

#Written ALL over this I see Naomi Kleins Shock Doctrine been applied in an experimental way.

#This is what I do not get though. If EU so concerned why did

they permit such gargantuan lending into PIIGS in d first place?

#is it a case of that their massive lending into PIIGS has gone horribly wrong in some way they never preempted?

#Ok so, but, the these guys are smart and sussed and know. So, why did they flood PIIGS with so much credit? Crazy on greed!

#Ok makes alot of sense that does. Yes. And yet the authorities did not shout STOP back in the madness lending? Why!!

#The EU regulatory authorities did nothing to stop the flow of cheap floods of credit money flowing into PIIGs. Why!!

#This is the problem that not been addressed. How is it that the bureaucrats in EU did not shout STOP on crazy lendin 2 PIIGS!!

#Ok, yes, I’m reading this and thinking its possible alright. Going to keep an open mind on it though.

#I reckon EU Federal State is like USA and Lobbying groups have a much larger sway on things in Brussels than reprted.

#Exactly. Thats it as far as I can see it and this is where the problem we now face started. Lets now go there and investigate

#Ah-ha. all making sense!! They knew you’d *blow the whistle* when you saw upfront how business been conducted behind curtains!

#keep at it, more and more ppl are asking the right questions now and looking for the right answers.

#The more the real picture of whats going on gets into the mainstream d better for all of us.

Fellow twitterer below,

#Its Brussels, Paris, Berlin etc. They need markets to keep lending money to EU states 2 keep funding bankrupt model a bit longer

#If we stiff bondholders, music stops & we still have a chair. They’re worried Spain crash exposes bankruptcy of EU ‘Social model’

#Yes, it was the pursuit of higher returns than were available at home ironically because of their governments risk aversion policy

#Hunting for a higher return denied 2 them by low risk policies at home which produced low interests rates designed for their mkt.

#Because they’re a bunch of spineless cowards who have no character to stand up 2 bullies. Plus, they’re not sharpest tools in shed

#I helped write a book on that point and others. Exactly right and furthermore, you dont know who the lobbyists r or who they lobby

#Read the book, download free at ‘The Fight for Democracy’. Lots on lobbying.

Okay so. What I deduce through this exchange are the following curiosities;  firstly,  the inter banks who lent this flood of money into Ireland remain unchallenged in their insane bank lending. Secondly, the regulatory EU authorities remain unchallenged in their absence of shouting STOP at this insane lending. Thirdly, who are the people in charge here who are responsible for turning on the credit tap into Ireland and drowning Ireland in debt.

Furthering along this analysis let me put this link up here : BBC News – Irish Republic banks ‘for sale’ At this link one will read on Honohan stating that Irish banks are now available for sale to outside interests. Bear in mind Irish banks are granted a banking license by our State to provide credit and banking service according to the protocols of Article 45 of the Irish Constitution and now we are been unofficially told these banks and the prerequisite awarded license now up for sale to outside interests.

Possible that German or English banks may take Honohan up on his idea and purchase the Irish banks. Make purchases at a lowly discount rate for banks the Irish taxpayers have flooded their monies into and in the process ruptured the States finances and dragged the IMF in. One may be allowed to consider all of this a rather convenient sequence of events for some.

Now take a look at this MAx Keiser interview 2 mins into clip Max attests to a German reconsideration of the Euro humming away in Germany :

Private banking unleashed a tsunami of credit into ireland with euro project. EU regulatory agencies failed at the switch to set controls and regulate it and the consequence of which a property bubble banking disaster to the Irish economy. The Government then called into do something and the measures taken leaving the States finances loaded top heavy with the private banks toxic loans and empty vaults and depositer obligations.

The inter bank lenders so far have not taking the hit on their tsunami of lending into Ireland and so far remain untouchable. Thus one must consider how is it that the bondholders are immune so far.

Is it that the Irish government are boxing clever and getting under the safety zone of IMF before defaulting on private bank bondholders or is it that the government are suckered into insider networks involving the bondholders or is it that the Irish government are utterly powerless in the face of international banking links which cross over into EU circles who are complicit in the unleashing of the tsunami of credit complicit in it for narratives yet to be revealed.


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