Economy Rigging 1

IRELAND IMF MARRIAGE, DAY VI ~ November 27, 2010

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To begin with I think an examination of the *global POnzi tower of babel* today is in order considering the fact that the cuts be handed down to the average citizen are all part of the establishment s madcap efforts to prop up a paper cartel insurance fraud tower of babel.

So jumping right in with this from BBC Paul Mason blog today an examination of  the *the rules of capital structure* is a good starting point : BBC – Newsnight: Paul Mason: Ireland: corpse bank vs zombie bank (The rules of capital structure revised)


On another thread David Norris is calling out the truth on who the bondholders are and here at this link he names names : Norris-“One Swiss bondholder holds 40%- will get millions from us” – Political World Irish Political Forums & International Political Forums. Here are the names he shouted out,

‘The names are Aberdeen Asset Management (London) Ltd,


Aktia Asset Management,

Aletti Gestielle SGR,

AllianceBernstein (UK) Limited,

Allianz Global Investors France,

AmpegaGerling Investment,

Anima SGR—–.’



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