Economy Rigging 1


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Question on burning bondholders and Irish State defaulting on debts which are not the debts of the Irish people gathering serious momentum through out Ireland as the people are waking up and realizing what exactly the Irish government and authorities and EU are doing on their behalf.

So its timely now to look at another country who did just this, defaulted, in the 2000’s and bounced bank, Argentina, here is at this link ; t r u t h o u t | Kirchner Rescued Argentina’s Economy, Helped Unite South America

Now it is wise to keep in mind there is an outcome for Ireland high in priority  *freeing up the productive economy* and its important to bear this in mind at all times in the maze of information relating to the events unfolding at such a pace.


Over on the other side of the great Ireland / IMF marriage there is the hidden politics tucked away neatly behind the EU front of shop narrative on contagion threat and politics of the day within EU countries debating on IMF arrival and loss of sovereignty. The German rise into super power status and their moves on it. This clip below expounds on this theme  :


Anyone for a quick recap on the events rattling Ireland down the track into IMF and private banks escaping the cost of their wild banking pyramid scams could do better than read this by Kerrigan in Sunday Independent today : A bailout? This is more like a stitch-up – Analysis, Opinion –


Brian Lucey makes the point in this article that the EU are playing a game of high stakes boxing in the contagion and that this is leading the way in the EU’s pass on making bondholders take their pain : Instant View: EU Finance Ministers Agree Ireland Rescue – ABC News



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