Economy Rigging 1


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Here are my thoughts on what I think is actually going on motive wise in relation to the decisions been made and the choices taking regarding the current of events with the banks and their debts been tacked onto the taxpayer and the tunnel vision of the insiders maintaining course with this as it gets costlier and costlier to do and wilder and wilder in its recklessness.

The insiders running Ireland are facilitating the euro fiat paper money project engineers by implementing measures of a nature which ensure the survival of the euro going forward. They are selling out to the euro project cos the euro is offering the insiders paper money in quantities beyond their wildest dreams. The measures the irish insiders are implementing are all about keeping in the *euro paper money scam loop*. By tacking on the banks debts onto the State the insiders across the euro political spectrum are manipulating situations to ensure the survival of the euro currency while its printed in such extortionate quantities.

Its all about generating anxiety into the system in order to invoke in the people a desperation and so an inclination to cling to money as comfort and so reboot confidence in the paper money over and over and over which stops it falling apart despite the fact its been printed in such vast quantities and been funneled off.


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