Economy Rigging 1

IRELAND – IMF, DAY XXIX December 20, 2010

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So more narrative s flowing and intersecting the banking machines fiat paper codology nexus here.

# MI6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service 1909-1949 by Keith Jeffery: review – Telegraph

# Ireland’s UK property empire unwinds as it sells London assets – Telegraph

# Ireland the Model –

# That was the week that was – the IMF bailout and the Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Bill « NAMA Wine Lake

# John Pilger: Swedes are smearing him and encouraging the US – Commentators, Opinion – The Independent

# No bank bail-outs, no euro: is Iceland really so badly off? – Telegraph Blogs

# French AAA Grade at Risk as Downgrades Sweep Europe – Bloomberg

# The German Plan to Take Over the Euro | by the Philadelphia Church of God



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