Economy Rigging 1


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Tis the week before christmas and the State controllers under the remit of preserving the private banking industry machine in place going forward are busy busy this week implementing implementing. So far ANGLOs hidden off balance sheet explosives are coming into view, and AIB are been handed NPRF bonus of 3.7 billion dollars. All the while the average worker is getting on with the business of the day churning out labours and energies running their body clocks into old age. Links on AIB below.

# Direction order in relation to Allied Irish Banks under the Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act 2010 – Department of Finance – Government of Ireland

# Ireland Seizes Allied Irish, Fourth Bank Nationalized – Bloomberg

# AIB nationalised with €3.7bn injection of taxpayers’ money – Irish, Business –

# Lenihan to invest further €3.7 billion in AIB bailout | Newswhip

Meanwhile Finger Fingelton continues to hold onto massive bonus he is now under legal instruction to return.

# Former Irish Nationwide boss Michael Fingleton still hasn’t paid bonus back | Business |

And then NAMA and tis all deepening in treasonous exploitation of the Republics tools of governance rattling down the tracks with the NAMA bill poised to be slid over onto the NAtional debt.

# State set to control 66% of NAMA SPV. How much longer can we keep NAMA bonds off the national debt? « NAMA Wine Lake

So sovereign power dilutes with everyday taking up with private banking molesting of the Republics legitimate economic activity and bastardization of the medium of exchange plying the wealth creation off shoot of the average workers labours and deeping their debt peeonage. Video on this…

And the developers continue living high on their swag.

# Irish developers still living the high life | Business |



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