Economy Rigging 1

IRELAND – IMF, DAY XXXVI ~ December 27, 2010

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Cracking article from DMcW;s today on the defining realities of the dire situation Irelands society is operating under in its governance putting bailing out banks first and last above and over the need s and concerns of the citizenry. All to bail out the French and UK and German bondholder private lenders who obviously loaned too much debt to Ireland and are now making the average worker pay back the bond. All very very suspect and all part of a hidden narrative at play with wider and more nefarious motives and agenda at work remaining confidential and unreported by mainstream media.

Links of the day below :

Nearly 100 Bank Beneficiaries of TARP Funds at Risk of Failure | AlterNet

McGarr Solicitors – Dublin Solicitors Ireland | The Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act 2010

Gormley claims banks told ‘blatant lies’ | Irish Examiner

Bank Pay Should Be More Transparent, Basel Group Says – Bloomberg


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