Economy Rigging 1


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COMMENT : Goes without saying but I will say it .

The political system is a corrupted system. It is linked into subsystems and long lines of narratives going back into history with loadsa skeletons in closets / crimes yet to be uncovered.

Controllers of power and wealth stand play gatekeeper.

The system, the systems in place, the man made systems in place used to distribute the wealth and resources amongst our society are bent.

The political system s in place world wide are bent out of shape to fit in with higher powers and influence stemming back decades and centuries.

Politics is a system locked down by the owners of production.

On the upside though, society will be redeemed by stronger powers using alternative systems, systems which are not bent and hold the power to make anew.

The political system is merely an arm to a body plutocratic system.

I reckon focus energies on the *achilles heel* of the bent global private banking behemoth and pull it down I say.

Politics and eejits with posters going up pleading for ur vote is a panto of no real significance.

Investigate the *achilles heel* posters, come on, lets conduct a forensic examination of such precision and effectiveness, find the achilles heel and topple over the private global banking giant on its arse.

On its arse I say, lets do it, lets kick its butt and slam dunk its arse into oblivion.


Max Keiser on the *global banking Ponzi* scam robbing the wealth of the average worker.


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