Economy Rigging 1

The ECB Pressure Continues On Ireland In The Fight To Save The Euro. February 10, 2011

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Great comment below by Max keiser ~

n 2007, the world hit peak credit and peak oil. When the US went off the gold tie in 1971 an era of globalization fueled by cheap ‘petro-dollars’ began – that bulged the demand for credit and oil. By 2007 the global GDP weighed in at over 60 trillion dollars. Then the credit/oil bubble popped in 2007 (the ultimate bubble that contained within it the wasted debts of all previous bubbles going back to 1987 and the creation of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets created on 10/20/87 – the day after the famous October 19th market crash). The global GDP and globalization wave has been waning ever since and now that the fake accounting and ponzi financing – that has sustained the GDP illusion these past few years – has run its course, the people are storming the barricades for food and water. On the margins, in dozens of countries big and small, East and West, millions are being pushed off the grid and finding it better to push back than to go quietly. It’s wrong to play guessing games trying to decide which countries are next to experience regime change. That misses the point. We’re witnessing a global insurrection that is rising up simultaneously in dozens of countries. Not always in the same way, but always with the same intent: regime change. My guess is that in the US, the big surprise this year will be a coordinated, social media enabled ‘million mortgage default.’ A million home owners under water on their fraudulently induced, worthless mortgages will organize a ‘day of liberation’ and walk away from their mortgages en masse. This will send the banking sector into paroxysms of panic and the bank stocks will crash. But so what? It’s war.’


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