Economy Rigging 1

The Great Game is Changing. February 23, 2011

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Wills Comments :

Lets think about this.

Here’s the rub.

What if.

Lets consider *what if* on the following.

What if the 1 Trillion UK, French and German big boy banks is built on the derivatives wall street pyramid currency hokey pokery.

What if the big boy banks exploded lending because they know something us outsiders dont.

What if the Euo big boy banks know that the dollar is on the way out.

What if its the case that the USA own huge oil lakes and decided to keep it a secret.

What if the USA decided to do a deal with the Arabs back in the 60’s.

What if the USA agreed to give the Arabs the know how and capital to suck the oil in the middle east out of the ground.

What if the deal involved the Arabs agreeing to buy USA debt when the USA bought the oil.

What if the USA then milked the arrangement in the full knowledge that the USA owned massive oil fields but decided to keep them capped until the dollar arrangement with the Arabs was bled bone dry.

What if this arrangement now with the Arabs is on its last legs and the USA are now crashing and burning the dollar in order to pave the way for a new currency and the uncapping of their secret oil fields. Thereby opening the floodgates for the wild lending of Euros that the banks in ireland tapped in on.

What if the Arab dictators are au fait with this knowledge and are now freaking out over their uncertain future with mountains of paper dollar s the USA are now crashing and burning up in smoke.

Think about that for a few mins and then ponder the gameplay the Euro big banks are playing off on the rest of us.


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