Economy Rigging 1

Comment April 17, 2011

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Wills Comments :

The old Empires at the heart of EU do not give a flying fc*k beyond their vested interest s, future income streams and geo-political standing. The Old Empire elites own the private banking industry controlling the EU economy. Not running the economy open to all free market principles of enterprise etc, controlling the economy. The PIIGS insider crony networks fed off the crumbs from the Old empire investment banks CDO mezzanine pyramid scam. Now that the CDO / CDS mezzanine pyramid scam has collapsed what we are all been fed now is the false paradigm of IMF / State control. But this is a fraud. Just like the unregulated markets of the past 20 years is a lie. All smokes n mirrors with this lot, playing confidence tricks on the sharecroppers working 9 to 5 providing the labour power to keep their wealth transfer feudal plutocratic system ticking over. Resistance no matter how small, or localized, resistance defeats them. The edifice of their plutocracy stands on *implied consent* of the sharecropper. Sharecropper withdraws *implied consent* and their plunder system collapses in on itself. The private banks are coupon dealerships. Their technicians know this so suffer no moral compulsion. Confidence is the key variable.


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