Economy Rigging 1

Ponziomics July 25, 2011

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****The sooner Glass – Steagal ala Marcy Kaptur’s bill or similar comes about the better. We need to negotiate a fixed exchange rate mechanism between states. There is too much investment finance pirate money flowing along the economic arteries. Apparently last week there was a huge 7bps short attack on Italy leading to its crisis. European politicians should be preparing to tackle the fiscal problems of member states as well as tackling the fiscal problems behind the world’s fiat monetary system evident since 2008.

****What is happeneing here is not a European Problem. It is the breakdown of the current form of capitalism we now have. The balance has swung way too much from the citizens of the world to the markets and funds etc. The speed information now flows gives the players an even bigger advantage now than owning the money did alone in the past. They now have the buying power and the control of info and the ability to move faster than governments. But the current model always needed the ordinary consumer to be active at the bottom of the food chain. Have they now been too greedy and taken too much out that the consumer or citizen is now hurting too much to play their role? The government here mentions the markets more than the citizens. No matter what ism you associate with that is wrong.


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