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Land Ownership the Root Of Corrupt Capitalism August 13, 2011

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 tiny minority exploits Britain at the expense of the rest of us.

Just 6,000 or so landowners — mostly aristocrats, but also large
institutions and the Crown — own about two thirds of the UK. They have maintained their grip on the land right throughout the 20th century.

Just 1,252 of them own about 60% of Scotland.

[They pay no land tax. Instead the government gives them £2.3 billion a year and the EU gives them a further £2 billion. In subsidies.]

The poor are forced to subsidise the super rich.

By contrast, 57.5 million of us in the UK pay over £10 billion a year in council tax, land tax, over £550 per household.

60 million people live in 24 million “dwellings”. These 24 million dwellings sit on just 7.7% of the land.

[Government Population statistics are innacurate. There are likely 80 Million people in the UK. Subsequent decades of political
mismanagement, have brought more people in, and crammed them into what little space we have.]

Of these 24 million dwellings, an ever increasing percentage are owned by private landlords, because a housing bubble was purposefully inflated, and a ‘debt transfer’ took place. So millions find themselves Working for nothing. No Capital.

The failure to re-distribute land in the UK is one of the prime factors
why the UK under-performed during most of the 20th century.

As of 2001 landbanks to a value of 37 billion pounds were known to
exist, with capacity to build an additional 3-4 million homes.

This reserved land is almost wholly owned by aristocrats; with none of it on the land registry.

[This land is coming out of subsidised rural estates, land held by off-shore trusts and companies, and effectively untaxed.]

Throughout the 18th century enclosures, the landowning class stole eight million acres of Common land from the people.

The thieves were mainly tyrannical Parliamentary Landlords.

When certain Commoners questioned this. The State had them horrifcally murdered, to make an example of them.

They still hide their crimes and their takings. The aristocratic
landowners, through their House of Lords influence successfully
conspired to take out of circulation, the 1872 Return of Owners of Land, or “Lost Doomsday Book” that documented who owns what.

This was then hidden from the public and never updated. This was the most comprehensive record of landownership ever compiled.

Shares have to be registered; but land doesn’t. The Land Registry still DOES NOT KNOW who owns between 30% and 50% of land in the UK.

86 years after the creation of the Land Registry, up to 50% of the land in England is still not registered.

Landowners’ wealth is a parasite on Britain. Their wealth comes not fromfarming, nor even from renting, but from a trickling of land onto the urban housing market.

The clearing banks and building societies stripped our industries of
investment capital, then supported their clients, the landowners, by
running the rigged and overpriced land market.

Britain compared with other countries where revolutions have ended the feudal tenure of land;

Denmark redistributed its land to the peasantry in 1800.

In Ireland, in 1876, 616 landowners owned 80% of the country.

[By 1930, 13 million acres of Ireland’s 20 million acres had been sold to owner-occupiers. By 2001 home ownership is 82%, Ireland’s 149,500 farms are 97% owner-occupied and owner-farmed, there is no poll tax, water is free and pensioners get free transport, TV and glasses. In 1872 “most” of the Irish people owned “nothing at all”. The 1 million dead in the potato famine was due to land ownership and repressive laws and not the potato blight]

Less than 8% of the UK is developed. The scarcity of Land is a myth. Agriculture only accounts for 3% of the economy.

In the UK 70% of the land is owned by 1% of the population. A statistic from a Banana Republic, or a third world dictatorship.

This country, our country, which we are expected to die for in times of extreme crisis.

The main function of our entire political system, Labour or Tory,  is to support centuries of theft and criminality.

You and I are human cattle in the eyes of the state. Black and White.


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