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Oligarchy Pillage December 8, 2011

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Complexity is often engineered into what are basically simple problems by people who benefit from manufactured complications and have the power to control them. When money is involved, the powerful people who benefit from ripping off untold millions of hard workers make sure that their “money machine” will just keep steaming ahead. Take the ongoing Global Financial Crisis.

Firstly, it is not a “crisis” at all: what the world is confronted with today is a full-fledged, irreversible and unsustainable Global Financial Collapse that, if not properly addressed, may bring down the whole global economy with it.

Secondly, this has pushed the Real Economy into a “crisis” from which, if proper measures are taken, it can – and must! – be saved.Because all national economies are basically intact (although many have been badly clobbered!) they can be brought back to health.

Thirdly, the real core of today’s problem is that Finance – that virtual world of banking, fractional lending, usury compound interest, fraudulent derivatives, casino-like speculative “investments” and other parasitic and anti-social activities – has illegitimately risen above the Real Economy which is the world of work, production, manufacturing, effort, toil, sweat and creativity.

In numbers, we see that today Finance has grown to be 20, perhaps 30 times larger than the Real Economy.

First Key Question: HOW AND WHY did that happen? 

Easy: all you need to grow Finance is to design a complex, perverse and fraudulent Model that will allow bankers and traders to type in irrational formulae into a Computer Spreadsheet (Spreadsheets never complain: they will compound interest and unsavory profits with no sweat!), so that it churns out “profits” for the few, making them grow and grow and grow. The Real Economy, however, uses WORK as its input, not funny virtual numbers. And work is what runs planet Earth: you need work, talent and effort to build new cars or airplanes or clothes or new homes or roads; work to bake more bread and harvest more food.That’s why the Real Economy can only grow arithmetically, whilst Virtual Finance can grow exponentially… Ah, there’s the rub!

Second Key Question: WHO made that happen? 

Global Power Elite international bankers have been doing this openly, knowing few will understand what is actually happening. I mean, was not it former US Federal Reserve Bank governor Alan Greenspan who, during a black-tie Washington DC dinner of the American Enterprise Institute on 5 December 1996, “explained” away such inexplicable growth as being due to “irrational exuberance”? What a solid technical explanation coming from the then No. 1 Central Banker!

This fraudulent but extremely (and illegitimately) strong Money Power minority controlling Finance today have made it grow like a cancerous tumor. Starting in 2008 with the collapses of Bear Stearns, AIG, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and the bailouts of Goldman Sachs, CitiCorp, HSBC and Bank of America, Finance today seems to have “metastasized” and now threatens to kill parts of the global Real Economy. So… we had better do something about this, and quickly. And “doing something” means more than just fighting on the streets and throwing rocks at the police (although admittedly, that is often a necessary collective first step).

Finance has usurped the upper echelons which do not legitimately belong to it but rather to the Real Economy. It is the Real Economy that must always be on top because that is where True Value is created. Finance, in turn, must always be subordinated to the Real Economy, not the other way around. This means that today’s key problem is that the whole economic-financial-monetary system is upside down… We need to immediately put it right-side-up again!!

Third Key Question: WHERE to start? 

It starts with each country taking back their central bank so that it will provide the necessary amount of interest-free money to meet the needs of the Real National Economy, so that all the powerful funny-money bankers can be routed. That means freeing your central bank from global banker control.Former Argentine president Juan Domingo Perón did just that 60 years ago and the Powers That Be bombed him out of power. Muammar Gaddafi did that much more recently, and look at what happened to him….

Money is a Powerful Lord”, 17th Century Spanish poet Don Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas once said. Four centuries later, nothing new under the sun…



Technocrat governments, like the ones in Italy and Greece, will not provide any solutions to the ongoing eurozone crisis, claims financial analyst Max Keiser. Instead, as Keiser told RT, they will only drag Europe into deeper recession.

“You have to understand, this is a systemic problem that requires a total re-architecting of the system and a total execution, in one way or another, of these banksters that are just predatory leeches; a cancer on the system”, said the host of RT’s Keiser Report.

He also spoke at length about the future of the Euro and how dangerous a proposal for centralized economic control really is. Keiser compared the idea to a Ponzi scheme like Groupon.

“Groupon was a known and notorious Ponzi scheme; they took it public for 18 billion, now its crashed through the IPO price, trading for many billions of dollars less”, Keiser told RT. “But for a brief shining moment, it looked good – and that is exactly what they’re trying to do in the Eurozone. They’re trying to refloat trillions of debt and say its a brand new day and look great for about 20 minutes – but then we’ll be back exactly where we started, which is massive debt deleveraging, sovereignty being lost amongst all these Eurozone countries and predatory IMF bankers on the loose. Rogue bankers looking to destabilize countries for a quick buck.”

Speaking of the Euro and its future, the outspoken financial analyst said simply that it “was supposed to restore peace and harmony in the Eurozone – but they’re breaking down, country by country, and this can’t end good”.  – MAX KEISER


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