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Law March 30, 2012

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Law, You and Sovereign – An Explanation

In order to understand who you are as a man or woman in Ireland in 2012 it is important to start at the beginning. Your position on this Earth is defined by Law.
There are basically three classes of law:
The Laws of God: which encompasses the Laws of Nature
The Law of the Land: also referred to as Common Law. (Ireland is a Common Law Jurisdiction)
Private Law: is Man Made law, or Contract Law.
God is accepted as the sovereign of the universe and everything in it including Mankind, God also endowed all mankind with certain inalienable rights, thus making them self determining sovereigns and below God.
Government which is created and instituted by Man derives its power only from the consent of Man to be governed and who is the only source of earthly power and authority. As such, any attempt to enforce any Law or power that has not been conveyed by Man is unjust and not authorised, and any act or deed done is a usurpation of man’s inalienable rights and therefore void.
It follows that Common Law or the Law of the Land is as stated “Common Sense Law” and derives its simple, straightforward and self evident status from the Laws of God. Common Law is the foundational Law of Ireland.
Man made law has all but displaced Common Law in today’s Ireland, this has been a deliberate act perpetrated by the Legal profession in general who would have everyone favour Private Law because of understandable business reasons, this obfuscation of Common Law has been committed by people pursuing their own agenda’s.
Private Law is the Law which becomes binding when people enter into agreements and create rules by which they will be bound. The Irish Constitution is a good example of Private Law, it is in fact covered by Contract Law and is there to protect the Irish People from government and to keep control of government, the language used in the Constitution is very precise in that it states perfectly clearly the powers which have been delegated to government and also that any powers not delegated to government are reserved by the people.
It is important to remember that Ireland is a Sovereign Democratic Republic and as such the People are directly or indirectly sovereign over government and this is very reason why the people have safeguarded and provided the right to abolish or change the government and create a different one if they choose.
Public Statute’s are the rules, procedures and regulations set by the government, they are not laws but rather, simply rules and regulations imposed and enforced by contract agreements. A sovereign man or woman is not a party to these Statutes unless the sovereign volunteers to comply, but once a sovereign decides to comply; the sovereign is compelled to obey the rules and regulations. The ability to choose/decide whether or not a sovereign wishes to comply has been completely removed by government and is never referred to and the simple fact is, accepting a PPS number shortly after birth in Ireland is an implied compliance with Government and Statute Rules & Regulations. Once you have complied, the only way out is to reassert your Sovereign rights.
Statutes and their inherent usurpation of power from the sovereign are so widely accepted by public trustees at all levels of Government that they now act as masters and not servants as is their role.
Civil Law, (part of Private Law) which is practised in Ireland and most of Europe is conceptually, diametrically opposite to Common Law. Under Civil law you are guilty until proven innocent and you have only the rights granted by Government and what is granted can also be taken away. Common Law, on the other hand, holds that you are innocent until proven guilty and you retain all rights not delegated to government.
This is becoming more and more evident in Ireland, were the man is treated as being guilty until proven innocent and if you experience this, it is because of your Legal Status or what the Government perceives to be your Legal Status, if you reassert your sovereign rights and government persists, they are violating your unalienable rights as a Sovereign Citizen.
In times past there was a direct connection between Gods Law and Mans Law, this in fact was the case when the Irish Constitution was written; students of Law were also students of the Bible for example. The eternal truths in the bible provided the sound foundation for mans law but has all but been lost; the Bible is still the best place to learn about laws in general as well as other eternal truths.
In Ireland all sovereign power resides in and derives from the People. We The People are the sovereigns. All the power and authority that government has was granted by the People.
Today’s legislators and in fact Judges pretend to make and implement laws, rules and regulations which we the people have not granted them the authority to do. They continue to do anything they or even a majority of them agree amongst themselves (Vote), they interpret Laws and legislate rules and regulations based on those interpretations of Laws, they render decisions, and enforce rules and regulations which are clearly antithetical to the concepts of the Irish Constitution and they therefore violate their sworn oath to defend and uphold the Constitution.
The Government of Ireland condones and partakes in the repossession of homes and the eviction of people from those homes based on Civil Law, the Constitution states:
Article 40.5
Literal English Translation
“His place of residence is secure for every citizen, and it is not permitted to go into it forcibly except in accordance with law.”
English Text
“The dwelling of every citizen is inviolable and shall not be forcibly entered save in accordance with law.”
The Government of Ireland, the Law Society and the Judiciary know that few if any people will discover this usurpation of power and even fewer will have the perseverance or the financial fortitude to utilise the Courts to expose this usurpation and make the Government both account and rectify this malfunction.
The Government also promotes that Statute passed by the Dail is valid! But it is impossible for the Constitution and a Statute violating it to both be right! One or other must prevail!
If a Statute is violating the Irish Constitution, none are bound to obey it and no Court is bound to enforce it!
In order for Law to be proper it must be just and it must equally protect the rights of all without violating the rights of any. Proper law is based on reasonableness and common sense and it is harmonious with Gods Law.
A simple measure to examine and confirm a proper law is to ask yourself, would I be willing to have this law applied to me, if the answer is no and the law is repugnant to you, if it seems unfair or unjust when applied to you, well then there is probably something wrong with that law.


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