Economy Rigging 1

Obfuscation of Currency April 8, 2012

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Wills Comment:

Is the banking system a criminal operation which has sandwiched itself between all business and wealth creation by hijacking the paper people use to do transactions.

Each person in a transaction carries the sovereign right to use their own paper to make a promise on a transaction with another individual.

Is it not the case the banking system has not only removed this essential facet of paper use for making wealth out of the hands of the masses, BUT, also, like D’s article describes above the banks have built a hall of mirrors to obfuscate the use of currency / paper because the banks need the masses in the dark in order to continue with their criminal enterprise of hijacking the paper used to do business but then charging interest on their paper they issue to everyone else who makes wealth all the while as the banks which produce NO wealth yet manage to transfer most of the wealth made by masses and remove it to the powers at be who own the banking system.

The loans the banks have issued to the loanees are debts the banks made out of nothing.

So it is a win – win situation for the banks.

The banks either get the asset the person put on the line as collateral OR the banks get the interest repayment on the loan.

Or the banks rob the Treasury for cash to refill the depositers accounts because the deposits of their customers are robbed too by the banks to use to stretch the FRB ratios to the furthest point possible in the making of money out of thin air.

The greatest bluff in history is underway and the hall of mirrors in which D’s article above covers really illustrates the scope of the deception the criminal banking system is engaging in to keep their making money out of thin air to get their paws on real asset wealth produced by the feudal class who the banks tricked into indentured servitude by playing the game.


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