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IRELAND – IMF, DAY XXXVIII December 29, 2010

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David McWilliams brings things in Ireland right up to speed for the reader in this article ; David McWilliams: We still have the financial means to save ourselves – Analysis, Opinion –

So big news here with Ernst and Young now under investigation for using their accountancy prowess to hide the toxic debt sludge from the insurance fraud the banks in Wall Street engineered ;

Ernst & Young accused of hiding Lehman troubles | Reuters and


Ernst & Young accused of enabling Lehman fraud – The Irish Times – Wed, Dec 22, 2010


IRELAND – IMF, DAY XXXVI ~ December 27, 2010

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Cracking article from DMcW;s today on the defining realities of the dire situation Irelands society is operating under in its governance putting bailing out banks first and last above and over the need s and concerns of the citizenry. All to bail out the French and UK and German bondholder private lenders who obviously loaned too much debt to Ireland and are now making the average worker pay back the bond. All very very suspect and all part of a hidden narrative at play with wider and more nefarious motives and agenda at work remaining confidential and unreported by mainstream media.

Links of the day below :

Nearly 100 Bank Beneficiaries of TARP Funds at Risk of Failure | AlterNet

McGarr Solicitors – Dublin Solicitors Ireland | The Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act 2010

Gormley claims banks told ‘blatant lies’ | Irish Examiner

Bank Pay Should Be More Transparent, Basel Group Says – Bloomberg



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What Ireland needs for the health of the free market economy and the de-rigging of it and the freeing up of wealth generation and democratic allocation of resources and prosperity is the following plan of action :

By Anon ~

The Euro is a bankers currency. We need a people’s currency, issued by the government with a transparent, restricted, total amount. Since all the existing currency ATMs are set to work only with euros, we need an interim solution. The only possibilities are the dollar and sterling where alternative ATM mechanisms already exist.
Could we use sterling paper currency as interim notes (overprinted with a harp and pattern perforated), until we can establish an exchange rate and print our own New Punts?
Then turn all the nationalized banks into savings banks as in North Dakota and old Sweden, and outlaw the practice of gearing reserves.

More comments on this below :

By Anon I ~

We would need a floating exchange rate and retain the practice of gearing reserves, if this is what you mean, for the banks at 8%.

But this reserve nb should be in gold and/or silver and managed by the NTMA. Strict protocols for the bank would need to be driven by the NTMA or similar organisation to outlaw dodgy practices and reckless risk. Derivatives, CDO’s and paper money transactions would need to be curtailed if not outlawed.

AIB, Anglo, INBS senior debt would need to be burned as part of the resetting of our bankrupt economy as we face default.


Currency switch debate should include a debt free President Lincoln style ‘Greenback’ interim solution per OZ link above, to free from the fiat money or gold backed/or deregulated paper, that is the private bank money supply choking our economy at the moment.

The practice of gearing reserves is really of benefit to private banking, rather than the consumer, its created all sort of hazard, inflation, deflation and speculative risk, product of private bank cancer.

Returning to a private bank system based on a floating currency pegged by gold would be an improvement on Trick’s throttling of our economy.

But a savings bank system, greenback based, backed by government in favour of citizen’s and controlling the money supply, is an ideal, and more just system, that could wrestle power away from the Rotchchild boa constrictors/bondholders.

“You shall not crucify mankind up on a cross of gold” William Jennings Bryan
Democratic National Convention, July 9, 1896

Is this achievable for a small island such as Ireland?


Now one can ask why is what works for the benefit of everyone not in place and one could do worse than read this:

To trace these “higher policies” one has to penetrate the financial control of multinational corporations, because those who control the flow of finance ultimately control the day-to-day policies.

Carroll Quigley has shown that the apex of this international financial control system before World War II was the Bank for International Settlements, with representatives from the international banking firms of Europe and the United States, in an arrangement that continued throughout World War II.’


But yet the econ system in place goes on and it does this to the average worker ;

‘The citizens, the ‘ordinary’ person who has to perform extraordinary acts of financial balance, have nowhere to hide, they take the hit at source, without a say, their families suffer, their children have less, education is curtailed, the blind live on less, the carers search for more ways of making their few euro go further, the pensioner looks on wondering what kind of Republic is left, the youth flee, the rest struggle while the rich get bonuses and all the advantages that come from having money, status, connections, the right (wrong from a societal point of view) schools go on producing the reckless elite with their sense of entitlement like the choir boys from the Lord of the Flies, their fruits, a wasteland of financial and economic destruction from which they do not suffer, others do, for they have destoryed a land which struggled for centuries to be born, a land which caught a ninety year breath of freedom only to see it snatched away, its hands once again clapped in irons by foreigners and sentenced to penal servitude, a debt slave in the market place, examined by bondholders and money men while the political elite are paid off, put out to pasture but still refuse to go quietly with their talk of tough deicisons, pain…….but pain for whom? The man with the 200k in the pocket or the man and woman out of pocket by 200, 300, 400 per month.’



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Tis the week before christmas and the State controllers under the remit of preserving the private banking industry machine in place going forward are busy busy this week implementing implementing. So far ANGLOs hidden off balance sheet explosives are coming into view, and AIB are been handed NPRF bonus of 3.7 billion dollars. All the while the average worker is getting on with the business of the day churning out labours and energies running their body clocks into old age. Links on AIB below.

# Direction order in relation to Allied Irish Banks under the Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act 2010 – Department of Finance – Government of Ireland

# Ireland Seizes Allied Irish, Fourth Bank Nationalized – Bloomberg

# AIB nationalised with €3.7bn injection of taxpayers’ money – Irish, Business –

# Lenihan to invest further €3.7 billion in AIB bailout | Newswhip

Meanwhile Finger Fingelton continues to hold onto massive bonus he is now under legal instruction to return.

# Former Irish Nationwide boss Michael Fingleton still hasn’t paid bonus back | Business |

And then NAMA and tis all deepening in treasonous exploitation of the Republics tools of governance rattling down the tracks with the NAMA bill poised to be slid over onto the NAtional debt.

# State set to control 66% of NAMA SPV. How much longer can we keep NAMA bonds off the national debt? « NAMA Wine Lake

So sovereign power dilutes with everyday taking up with private banking molesting of the Republics legitimate economic activity and bastardization of the medium of exchange plying the wealth creation off shoot of the average workers labours and deeping their debt peeonage. Video on this…

And the developers continue living high on their swag.

# Irish developers still living the high life | Business |




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So more relevant links keeping up with the unfolding events specifically intersecting with the private banking industries fiat paper money fraud and its trojan horse use to suck the wealth of the people upwards into an apex of power, a power hidden behind the banks and the governments and corporations and the media and the professional classes.

# True Economics: Economics 21/12/10: Derivatives hole?

# This time is for real.. | Finance

# EUROPA – Press Releases – State aid: Commission temporarily clears support for Anglo Irish Bank, Irish Nationwide Building Society and Allied Irish Bank

# Irish developers still living the high life | Business |



IRELAND – IMF, DAY XXIX December 20, 2010

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So more narrative s flowing and intersecting the banking machines fiat paper codology nexus here.

# MI6: The History of the Secret Intelligence Service 1909-1949 by Keith Jeffery: review – Telegraph

# Ireland’s UK property empire unwinds as it sells London assets – Telegraph

# Ireland the Model –

# That was the week that was – the IMF bailout and the Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Bill « NAMA Wine Lake

# John Pilger: Swedes are smearing him and encouraging the US – Commentators, Opinion – The Independent

# No bank bail-outs, no euro: is Iceland really so badly off? – Telegraph Blogs

# French AAA Grade at Risk as Downgrades Sweep Europe – Bloomberg

# The German Plan to Take Over the Euro | by the Philadelphia Church of God



IRELAND – IMF, DAY XXVIII December 19, 2010

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Links to intersecting narrative s playing in and out of the *geopolitical banking scam*, fiat paper money, daylight robbery :

# Exclusive: US empire could collapse at any time, Pulitzer winner tells Raw Story | Raw Story

# The Staggered End of Western Civilisation – Village Magazine

# Still waiting for the truth from the regulator – Village Magazine

# Crisis of confidence in Threadneedle Street – Telegraph